Private credit deals regularly pay interest so you earn income.

The borrower usually pays a floating rate, so these deals tend to be inflation resistant.

Private credit deals are structured to perform in volatile markets too.

Browse, research and invest in the best private credit deals alongside leading asset managers, while being equipped with all the information you need in order to make an educated investment decision.

Investors granularly monitor how their deals are performing and are notified of any updates or required actions (e.g. funding a capital call).

If a deal's full, interested investors can join a waitlist and be notified if any of that deal becomes available in the secondary market (coming soon). We're enabling liquidity in private credit markets.

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Get into the best private credit deals on the planet


Tradable’s secondary market enables liquidity  (coming soon)


Manage your investments with Tradable’s simple UI.

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Anonymized Deal Name
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Anonymized Deal Name
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